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Rahul Arora
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mern stack

noteblaze: a todo manager built with the mern stack

noteblaze is a web application i built using the mern stack - mongodb, express, react and node.js. it allows users to create, read, update and delete todo items to manage their tasks and notes.

i was inspired to build noteblaze to learn and sharpen my skills with the popular mern stack. i wanted to create a simple yet useful app that allows managing todos in a structured way.

to start, i researched features for todo apps and ui design best practices. based on this, i planned the core features like user authentication, creating/editing todos, categorizing and prioritizing tasks.

some key features of noteblaze:

  • user signup and login using email and password
  • create, edit, mark complete and delete todos
  • categorize todos into groups like personal, work etc.
  • prioritize tasks as high, medium or low
  • responsive web design and mobile-friendly interface

i built the backend api using node, express and mongodb to handle user authentication and crud for todos. for the frontend, i used react and modules like react-router-dom.

some best practices i followed were input validation, authentication, responsive css, modularity and commenting for maintainable code. i used git and github for version control and netlify for deployment.

through this project, i learned how the mern stack integrates together to build full-stack apps. i gained experience with react hooks, routing, mongodb schemas and more. i also improved debugging skills while troubleshooting issues during development.

overall, i'm proud to have built noteblaze using new technologies for me. it helped reinforce my understanding of the mern stack. i'm open to feedback on improving the app further.

you can visit the website at https://noteblaze.irahularora.repl.co/ and check out its features and functionalities. thank you for your interest in my project.

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