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wordmagic: a full-stack web application for text formatting and analysis

wordmagicis a web application that i created using react. it is a platform that allows users to format and analyze text in various ways.

the idea for this project came from my interest in text processing and natural language processing. i wanted to create a web application that can help users to manipulate text data and extract useful information from it.

some of the main features of wordmagic are:

  • text formatting system with options to change case, remove spaces, remove punctuation, sort lines, reverse lines, shuffle lines, add prefix or suffix
  • text analysis system with options to count characters, words, sentences; calculate readability score; detect language; generate summary; generate keywords
  • text conversion system with options to convert text to uppercase, lowercase, title case, sentence case
  • text encryption system with options to encrypt text using caesar cipher
  • text decryption system with options to decrypt text using caesar cipher
  • text comparison system with options to compare two texts and highlight differences

i used react and various libraries to design and build the web application. i also used netlify forms and netlify to collect user feedback and host the web application.

the web application is responsive, secure, fast, and user-friendly. it uses intuitive design, clear navigation, consistent layout, and helpful feedback.

you can visit the web application at https://wordmagic.netlify.app/ and check out its features and functionalities. thank you for your interest in my project.

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